What is Rugby?

Rugby is the fastest growing youth sport in America!  It’s played by both boys and girls.  It’s a continuous play game similar to soccer – but of course you get to use your hands in this game.  It is fast, fun , and has an active role for all styles of players. Rugby was recently added back to the Olympic games, with Fiji winning the gold medal.  It was the first time back in the Olympics since the USA won gold in 1924!  Check out this inspirational video of USA Rugby.
What is “non contact” youth rugby?
Huns Youth Rugby will be flag rugby.  We will use the Rookie Rugby program developed by the experts at USA Rugby.  Follow the link for tons of rugby information including, safety, rules, videos, and other information.
Is rugby safe?
While injuries are of course possible in any sport, the Huns Youth Rugby Program is a non-contact flag rugby game to keep the game fun for all ages and to limit injuries.  Even for full tackle rugby, there are rules in place to limit the amount of injuries compared to American football.  With a renewed emphasis on player safety, NFL football teams have been bringing in rugby coaches to re-teach their players how to tackle safely.  Many rugby clubs around the country have “old-boys” teams that play at age 35+; this is a testament to the lifetime of fun that can be had by learning the game of rugby.
How is rugby different than other sports?
  • Roles for every body type:  While there are positions and roles, the free flow continuous nature of the game means that any player is capable of picking up the ball and going to score.
  • After Game Socials are a tradition internationally in the rugby community.  This allows players not only to get to know each other, but to get to know and respect the opposing team as well.  In the youth rugby context this will also allow players and parents to get to know each other as well.  Here’s an example that shows how the professionals do it.  Imagine this happening after an NFL game!

What is Huns Rugby?

The Huns Rugby Football Club is a Men’s Rugby club in the city of Austin, TX.  We were founded in 1972, and currently field amateur teams competing in USA Rugby’s National Division I & III. We also have an active alumni family that competes in Old-Boys 35+ and 45+ age group tournaments. The Huns Rugby Club is a non-profit club dedicated to developing amateur athletes for national and international rugby competition. Our home field at Nixon Lane has been built and developed by our players and is the best rugby pitch in Texas. We take pride in our contributions to improve our community through our charitable work with; Bikes for Kids, Juvenile Diabetes Foundation, and The Blood and Tissue Center of Central Texas.

What if my child has never played rugby before?

New to Rugby?  No problem.  Most kids in the US are new to rugby, and all of them will be learning.  Our dedicated coaches have years of rugby experience, and most of them are fathers and mothers who have been coaching in other youth sports, and are now very excited to teach the next generation the joys of rugby.

Can girls play rugby?

Absolutely!  Huns Youth Rugby is non-contact and perfect for introducing girls to an active fun game.  Austin is home to the Valkyries – a Women’s Club rugby team.  We are currently talking with the UT Women’s rugby team to referee our youth matches!  It will be awesome for the girls to see some older role models playing the sport.  And USA Rugby has a national “Try On” initiative to introduce girls to rugby.

How are teams decided?

Registered kids will be split into U6, U8, U10, U12/13 age divisions.  Practices will be group practices based on age.  Even teams will then be decided by the coaches within the division.  Games are generally 5v5. 

How many coaches will there be?

There will be 4-5 coaches for each division.  The expected coach to child ratio is 1:5.  Parent volunteers are encouraged – no experience necessary.

How much does rugby cost – what equipment is needed?

Rugby is a low investment sport.  Registration typically includes an awesome t-shirt and access to expert rugby knowledge.  Equipment needed:  mouthpiece, soccer cleats.